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Salmon are an iconic species in Washington State. The Washington State Legislature created the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group (RFEG) program in 1990 as a response to steadily declining salmon populations. RFEGs work at the community level to engage citizen volunteers and landowners in the state’s salmon enhancement efforts. 

In the early 1990’s, RFEGs worked to enhance salmon populations through small scale artificial production projects, and habitat restoration. Since then, the RFEG program has grown to be an essential component of salmon and steelhead recovery by also focusing on Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed salmonids and providing education and outreach programs to promote good stewardship practices of salmon habitat.   

RFEGs just celebrated their 25th year optimizing the efficient use of funding through collaboration on projects and continue to leverage public investments at a rate of 7-1.  

After years of salmon recovery work the easiest projects have been completed.  Remaining priority projects to improve habitat, ensure passage, and make progress on state recovery goals are very complex.  RFEGs have the experience and collaborative relationships necessary to efficiently implement projects and leverage additional support from communities across Washington State.


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