Regional Fisheries Coalition 2020 Leadership

The Regional Fisheries Coalition has new officers for 2020.  New as officers, but with many years dedicated to healthy ecosystems that support restoration of wild salmon in Washington streams and rivers.  The officers are:

President – Sherry Penney, Board member of Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Vice President – Rodney Pond, Executive Director of Sound Salmon Solutions

Treasurer – Shauna Hanisch-Kirkbride, Managing Director of Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

Secretary – Jeanne Robinson, Board Member of Hood Canal Salmon Enhance Group

Sherry Penney, retired in 1996 as a computer specialist, has served as a volunteer in water quality monitoring and education, 10 years on the board of her local Conservation District, 12 years on the Citizens Review Committee for WRIA 30 Lead Entity, and five years on the Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group board.  Sherry is committed to finding ways to keep our watersheds supporting the diversity of life in a healthy ecosystem.

Rodney earned a BS in Zoology in 1991 and a MS in Forest Resources in 2005 and has worked in positions across the spectrum in natural resource management, ecosystem restoration, and horticulture from field work to research to project management to education. His passion is for building a restorative culture for the mutual benefit of people and ecosystems through education, partnerships, projects, and celebration.

Shauna Hanisch-Kirkbride has a BS in wildlife biology, an MPA, and a PhD in Fisheries and Wildlife. She joined Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group after a career in government (USFWS) and academia where she focused on cormorant management, human dimensions of wildlife, and teaching science to non-science majors.  Shauna’s career has been driven by a passion to encourage and educate people about living more sustainably and equitably and to develop conservation solutions that enhance coexistence of humans and fish/wildlife species.

Jeanne Robinson has been involved in environmental work since graduating high school in 1985.  Her 1997 Bachelor of Science Degree in environmental studies focused on stream restoration and ecological agriculture.  She has worked for various Washington state natural resource agencies and served on the Citizens Advisory Committee for WRIA 14 Lead Entity.  Before the Regional Fisheries Coalition was created, Jeanne served for ten years on the Regional Fisheries Advisory Board, and brings some historical perspective to the Coalition.

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