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Kids Fishing Days for 2018 were once again a smashing success. Hundreds of youth and their families spent the day on the lake, enjoying the outdoors and trying to catch some fish. Over 120 kids registered for the Bennington Lake event on June 10th, while 115 youth came out to Jubilee Lake on July 7th.

To say the weather was a bit breezy is an understatement, but the wind and and cool weather certainly didn’t affect the young Bennington Lake anglers. Kids and their families spent the morning trying their luck with the fish, participating in our Casting Contest, and keeping energy levels up with hot dogs and Pepsi served by our Board President Scott Landwehr and his daughter, Ashley.

Board members Dave Crabtree and Mike Mahan, and AmeriCorps volunteer Alex Coak ran the registration table and helped with rigging poles up to catch the big one. Justin Jones, 11, won the casting contest for the 10 and over age group, while Reyd Swanson, 8, took home the honors for the 9 and under age group. Thanks to the Corps of Engineers for co-hosting the event, and to their staff for helping us put together another amazing Kids Fishing Day at Bennington Lake.

Jubilee Lake was the site of the second and last Kid’s Fishing Day this year. Sunny and warm conditions made it a great day to enjoy the scenery and catch some fish.

Dave and Prisca Crabtree and Larry Zalaznik were busy serving hot dogs and Pepsi while Education Coordinator Andrew Bassler and Alex Coak were busy measuring fish for the Biggest Fish Contest and judging the Casting Competition.

The largest fish landed on the day was caught by Ross Davison, a nice 16-inch rainbow trout to win the 8 and under age group. Mason Stallings caught a 15-incher to take top prize for the 9-11 age group. Many thanks to the U.S. Forest Service for partnering to create such a wonderful event!

Prizes were made possible by donors at the 2017 Alternative Gift Fair and proceeds from our Crab Feed Fundraiser. Thanks go to Dean Woolery, who donated bait for both events. And special thanks to Pepsi Cola of Walla Walla, for their continuing support of Kids’ Fishing Days.

Casting contest winner!

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