Interested in getting involved?

Help watersheds in your community, and increase Washington's salmon runs, through your local RFEG programs.

  • Learn about salmon habitat
  • Count returning salmon
  • Track water quality in streams
  • Teach others about salmon habitat
  • Perform habitat assessments
  • Engage school children in learning about watersheds
  • And much more!

Volunteer opportunities abound!

Contact your local RFEG to learn about specific volunteer opportunities in your neck of the woods

Message from an RFEG volunteer

In 2013, I was a volunteer intern with Mid Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group. My work focused particularly on the Yakima Beaver Project. This project moved nuisance beavers to headwater tributaries where they could improve habitat for juvenile fish. The project also helped landowners in lowland agricultural areas, where beavers are incompatible with irrigation infrastructure.

In these areas, beavers would otherwise be lethally removed. Instead, we live-trapped and moved entire beaver colonies to improve habitat and watershed function in the headwaters of the Yakima Basin. It was very rewarding to monitor beavers that have been relocated to headwater tributaries. In many cases we were able to document these relocated beavers building new dams and lodges, and flourishing in their new locations!

Garrett Pettis

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