Seabeck Bridge and Culvert Replacement Project

Last year HCSEG completed construction of a new 60 foot bridge over Seabeck Creek. This project replaced a 72-in undersized culvert and failed fish ladder, allowing the salmon and steelhead that call this river home access to the additional 7 miles of spawning habitat upstream.

Before (left) is the 72″ pipe, replaced by the 60′ bridge (right).

This project also eliminated the seasonal flood risks on this street, which was a main road frequently used by the Seabeck community. Local construction crews were contracted to assist in this massive endeavor and were tasked with removing the old section of road, installing the new bridge, and strategically placing large woody debris throughout the newly designed stream channel.

Restoration projects such as this not only create more viable habitat for our threatened Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead populations, they also create numerous jobs for the hard workers in our rural community.

This year HCSEG, with the support of our dedicated volunteers, will begin installing over 3,200 native plants along the stream. This final stage in the Seabeck Creek bridge and culvert replacement project will provide essential bank stabilization, stream shading and biodiversity for this newly restored habitat.

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