Salmon in Schools

Salmon in School is an environmental education program that provides students with a personal connection to salmon, through a unique, hands-on, STEM-based learning opportunity.

Each classroom receives an aquarium and salmon eggs, allowing the students to observe and learn about the early stages of the salmon life cycle.

Eggs are delivered in the fall, and the young salmon are released into local streams in the spring.

This program teaches students that salmon are a critical part of our regional economy and culture. Lessons directly related to salmon and the environment are taught by our staff at each school on a monthly basis, and correlate with the development of the fish.

Examples of lessons are salmon-themed art projects, macroinvertebrate study, healthy riparian zones, and the cultural significance of salmon. Students assist in feeding the fish and monitoring aquarium water quality, while keeping journals noting the development of their salmon through life stages from egg to fry.

Salmon in School’s impact is a personal relationship with an icon of the northwest. Students complete the program with first-hand knowledge of the salmon life cycle, and an understanding of habitat needs of salmon. Salmon in School helps create future stewards of our natural resources.

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