Salmon Friendly Yards

Stormwater runoff from roofs and roads can carry amounts of pollutants lethal to salmon and exacerbate flood events which wash eggs & juveniles downstream. Rain gardens, cisterns and native landscaping can address these challenges by slowing the flow of water, filtering out pollutants, and recharging the earth with clean water.

In 2021 and 2022 Mid Sound targeted properties in two watersheds where Chinook salmon live, spawn, and rear their young. We reached out to landowners in these areas, promoting these projects as a proactive way to benefit salmon. We installed 25 rain gardens, cisterns, and other projects.

Mid Sound developed and implemented this program with the support of local jurisdictions, community groups, nonprofits, and other agencies involved in the protection of Chinook salmon and their habitat. The project work focused on areas near Bear Creek in WRIA 8 and Soos Creek in WRIA 9 where retrofits could reduce the negative effects of stormwater on priority salmon streams.

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