Salmon as Food and Nutrients

Pacific Coast Salmon Salmon Coalition has ensured that returning salmon once viewed as “extra” are put to good use.

Each year, not all salmon produced by hatcheries are caught by anglers and commercial fishers.  Some of them return to the hatchery to be spawned to create the next generation of fish.  But what about the leftover carcasses?

Last year, PCSC received approximately 29,550 lbs salmon carcasses from local WDFW hatcheries. About 30% of those were food quality — so the volunteers of PCSC stepped in to filet and prepare these fish, and then delivered them to local food banks, to provide a valuable and healthy protein source for the community.

Left – volunteers fileting salmon destined for the food bank. Right – volunteers delivering packing up filets for delivery to the food bank.

The remainder of the carcasses were returned to where they would have occurred in a natural system — the local watersheds, primarily including Quilaute and Goodman Creek. There, they can once again provide nutrients to feed the plans and insects that drive the food web.  

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