Restoring Fry to Willapa Bay Streams

Willapa Bay volunteers are working to restore chum salmon to many of the northern Willapa Bay streams through the use of Remote Site Incubators.  Currently, we have two sites on Elk Creek (125K chum eggs), Stringer Creek (50K), Oxbow Creek (50K) and North River (100K) .

In the south Bay, we have chum projects on Bean Creek (50K eggs) and Cement Creek (50K). We also have normal timed coho being raised on Bean Creek (50K eggs), North River (85K) and Stringer Creek (50K).

Additionally, we have late coho projects on two sites on Rue Creek (100K late coho eggs), Oxbow Creek (50K), Stringer Creek (50K), Davis Creek (50K),  and Bean Creek (50K).  In total, our RSI program hopes to release 975K fry total: 425K Chum, 350K late coho and 200K normal coho.

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