Quartz Creek Large Wood Replenishment

The Quartz Creek Large Wood Replenishment project was identified as part of a community and multi-agency collaborative planning process working to build landscape-scale restoration projects that address forest health, maintain recreational access, and improve habitat.

Pre-project surveys indicated the stream channel lacked structure and wood, which severely limited the quality of fish habitat. After years of planning and permitting, the project thinned 66 trees from the densely stocked adjacent forest.

MCF’s restoration crew used a grip hoist to manually move and place the trees in the stream channel. The project improves forest health and helps promote fire resiliency. The work also improves habitat for two ESA-listed salmonid species, steelhead and bull trout. The project was supported by two grants plus funds from the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group program.

You can check out a great video of the project here.

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