Mashel River Restoration

The Mashel River project originated with a long term vision and watershed restoration plan in the early 2000’s. The project is primarily based on the Nisqually River Chinook recovery planning efforts and outlines priority restoration reaches within the river corridor for large wood placement. The plan later was adapted to benefit multiple species.

The first construction project was completed in 2005 and subsequent reaches were completed over the next 13 years. In total, over 60 log jams were constructed.

The purpose of the jams is to improve spawning, flood refuge, channel roughness, and to re-connect side channels for salmonid rearing in the watershed. The Mashel River also has extremely low summer flows and these jams help create deeper cool pools.

SPSSEG has been involved in this project since 2002 and implemented many of the projects identified in the watershed restoration plan.

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