Grant Creek Riparian Project

Empowering “community grit”, Grant Creek embodies the work that we do as an RFEG. Habitat restoration, education, stewardship, community partnering, nonprofit partnering and enthusiastic volunteers have all been essential to the success.

In 2020-21 (Phase 1) twelve acres of invasive control has been accomplished and over 1900 native plants installed. The project has widened the buffer zone on both sides of the creek.

Working closely with a supportive landowner, this project has included planning for large woody material placement, riparian planting, and has been a site where our SSS staff have hosted education & stewardship events.

We partnered with two schools in the Arlington School District wherein students and community members have helped plant trees, monitored the water quality, and become environmental stewards of this type of restoration work.

The project will continue into future years to complete 40 acres of habitat restoration with many more partners applying their “grit” to bringing back to the land all the elements that help our salmon thrive which in turn helps the community thrive.

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