Geissler Creek Fish Passage Restoration

The Geissler Creek restoration project corrected a fish passage barrier culvert on Geissler Creek and replaced it with a 44′ long by 30′ wide by 18″ deep pre-cast concrete bridge allowing passage to all aquatic species and life stages and opening full migration access to 2.0 miles of forested spawning and rearing habitat.

Before [left] & After [right]

Five species of salmonids benefited from the improved habitat conditions in Geissler Creek and the Wynoochee River Sub-basin as a result of this project, including Coho, chum and Chinook salmon as well as steelhead and resident trout. Correcting the fish barrier culvert restored physical, biological, and hydraulic functions, provided habitat access to five species of anadromous salmonids as well as other aquatic species, and enhanced nutrient availability and biological diversity in the watershed.

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