Deschutes River Restoration River Mile 21 and 34

At Deschutes RM 34.5, SPSSEG partnered with Weyerhaeuser to install over 300 pieces of large wood across 0.5-miles of stream.

A myriad of structures like margin jams, floodplain jams and channel spanning jams were installed to increase the availability of complex habitats, as well as reduce fine sediment for which the river boasts a TMDL.

At Deschutes RM 21, SPSSEG partnered with a recently acquired and protected parcel owned by the Center of Natural Lands Management.

A series of instream log jams were installed along with a 500′ floodplain channel through what was historically an agricultural field. A total of 9-acres of riparian planting was paired with this project to re-engaged the historic floodplain.

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