Bull Trout Recovery

In 2019, Mid-Columbia Fisheries’ Bull Trout Task Force removed 217 recreational rock dams spanning an estimated total of nearly one kilometer to help maintain passage to abundant upstream habitat for fall spanwers. The Bull Trout Task Force educated more than 450 river users on Bull Trout protection through informal outreach and campground presentations; and posted 135 signs.  The Bull Trout Task Force supported WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) with snorkel surveys and 38 redd surveys; and assisted WDFW and the Yakama Nation with the rescue of over 2,000 juvenile bull trout that were in imminent danger of terrestrial predation or dewatering.  The Task Force helped USFWS install two PIT tag antennas and collect 19 eDNA samples in the Naches watershed.  The project benefited from the volunteer efforts of eight college interns, who in turn developed field skills and pre-professional experience.



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