Big Meadow Creek Fish Passage and Wood Restoration

The Big Meadow Creek Fish Passage and Wood Restoration project corrected one fish passage barrier and placed 40 unanchored trees in Big Meadow Creek, a tributary of the Chiwawa River in the Wenatchee River Basin.

The culvert that was in place prior to project implementation was impairing fish passage to over 10 miles of upstream habitat for ESA-listed spring chinook, steelhead, and bull trout.

To correct the fish passage barrier, we installed an 80’ by 18’ steel bridge that allows for full fish passage and the passage of wood and streambed material during flood flows to feed downstream habitat. Big Meadow Creek is now 100% free of fish passage barriers!

Cascade Fisheries partnered and worked closely with the US Forest Service, the landowner, throughout the design and implementation process to ensure the forest’s standards and specifications were being met. Additionally, 40 whole trees were placed in Big Meadow Creek above and below the bridge to improve fish habitat and river function.

A diverse set of funding was required to complete this project including funding from the Bonneville Power Administration, the HCP Tributary Committees, the PRCC Habitat-subcommittee, the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, and the US Forest Service. Thank you to all our partners and funders for helping to make this project a success!

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