Baird Creek Liberation

LCFEG is working with Inter-Fluve and Parr Excellence to design and implement a plan to re-establish natural processes in the headwaters of Baird Creek, a Coweeman River tributary in Weyerhaeuser’s St. Helens Tree Farm.

This project culminates instream fish habitat restoration in Baird Creek and the upper Coweeman; LCFEG started in 2016 and to date we’ve created a 7-mile corridor of contiguous instream and floodplain habitat. The aim is to establish fish passage upstream, and sediment and LWD passage downstream, of the historic Baird Creek splash dam which has been in place since 1901.

(Existing conditions of the splash dam built in 1901.)

In addition, in Fall 2023 we will use helicopter and direct falling to enhance instream conditions in bedrock-dominant reaches and initiate our riparian enhancement plan in the headwaters of Baird Creek upstream of the splash dam. The riparian work entails beaver establishment via BDA installation and revegetation efforts.

Combined, this project increases fish passage, releases trapped sediment and LWD, increases water storage capacity, and improves habitat conditions that support ESA-listed Lower Columbia Chinook, coho, and steelhead.

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