Youth Opportunity Program

The Youth Opportunity Program is a collaborative project between Mid Sound Fisheries and Partner in Employment, an organization that strives to guarantee the long-term economic stability of newly arrived refugee and immigrant families.

Youths are provided training on the essential skills required to work in restoration — plant identification, tool safety and usage, and working collaboratively within a team — while also providing education about green jobs, salmon restoration, and building their resumes for future employment.

This year, the Summer Crew had 13 members and totaled over 2700 hours of work while clearing over 19,000 square feet of area for new plants to aid salmon restoration in Auburn, Washington!

This fall, a new crew of 8 high schoolers took over the mantle — planting over 250 trees in the areas cleared by the summer crew. They also had the opportunity to clear some blackberry for their own planting plans, which they designed and implemented in one of our parks!

We are so proud of our crews and of the great work they were able to accomplish this year.

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