Taylor Creek South Bank

The Taylor Creek South Bank project corrected two fish barriers – one on Taylor Creek under the county road ; the other 75 feet downstream under an abandoned railroad grade crossing.

The project replaced a 33% passable 2 piece county concrete culvert with an 84′ long, 10′ 4″ rise, 20′ wide bottomless arch culvert on the county road. The project also removed two cement shotgun culverts and removed the old railroad grade to open the barrier 75 ft. downstream from the county site.

The new structure and downstream barrier removal provides open access to 2.88 miles of excellent spawning and rearing habitat in forestland. Five species of salmonids (coho, Chinook, chum, steelhead, and cutthroat trout) will benefit from the improved habitat conditions and availability in the Chehalis Basin as a result of this project.

During — you can see the original cement pipe being removed


During construction — you can see the large opening that will allow the river and fish to pass easily.

After construction – the stream flowing easily under the county road.

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