Middle Fork Wildcat Creek Fish Passage Barrier Correction Project

This planning and restoration project will design, permit and construct 3 separate fish passage barrier corrections on Middle Fork Wildcat Creek north of McCleary, Washington, in the Cloquallum Basin in WRIA 22.

The barriers include 33% passable site 999439 on Summit Road at road mile 1.59 and stream mile 2.39; 67% passable site 999438 at road mile 0.24 on Elma-Hicklin Road and stream mile 3.34; and 67% passable site 127C0006 at road mile 0.27 on County Line Road and stream mile 3.7.

Designs and permitting will be completed and construction implemented to remove the barriers and replace them with structures that are passable to all aquatic species and life stages in order to open full migration access to 4.08 miles of excellent spawning and rearing habitat in forestlands.

Three species of salmonids will benefit from the improved habitat conditions in the Chehalis Basin as a result of these projects, including coho, steelhead and cutthroat trout.  In addition to culvert replacement, 1500 trees will be completed on 3 acres on 4 private properties.


County Line Road culvert outlet

Elma-Hicklin Road culvert inlet


Summit Road culvert outlet


Upstream area that will be planted with shrubs and trees to restore riparian vegetation at the Summit Road site.

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