Salish Scientists Summer Camp

Salish Scientists Summer Camp is an outdoor environmental education day camp for 4th to 6th graders developed by Sound Salmon Solutions in 2022. The camp is held at the Willow Creek Watershed and Salmon Education Center in Edmonds, also known as the Hatchery, where campers had hands-on exploration in a recovering wetland and the salmon rearing process.

The camp integrates a place-based, interdisciplinary approach to learning that builds upon ecological concepts and related experiences. The camp format included a combination of classroom learning, hands-on outdoor activity, nature related arts and crafts, and traditional summer camp games.

The curriculum covered topics such as: a tour of the Willow Creek wetland and the importance of wetlands to salmon recovery, an introduction to watershed health, PNW native tree and plant identification, macroinvertebrate and salmon identification, stormwater pollution and other types of pollution threatening ecosystem health, and the interconnectedness of organisms in food webs. The vision of the camp is to inspire the youth in the area to create viable interworking communities of empowerment and stewardship for the surrounding world.

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