Derby Creek Fish Passage

In 2014, CCFEG identified 17 fish barriers on Derby Creek, a small cold perennial tributary of the Wenatchee River. Over the past four years we’ve replaced three¬† barriers, two barrier removals are currently underway and CCFEG has three more slated for construction next year (2019).

Private landowner cooperation and funding from the Family Forest Fish Passage Program, NRCS, Salmon Recovery Funding Board and the Tributary Committee makes this work possible. Removing these barriers is a win-win for private landowners, Derby Creek, and the native rainbow and steelhead that inhabit it.

Before: too-small culvert blocks fish







These rainbow trout and steelhead will be able to move now

During: Installing bridges is a major undertaking

A great local contractor worked on the job, Kelly Kriska.

Finished bridge: easily passing fish under, and people over


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